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How to -Really- Spot a Fake Vintage Watch

There are guides out there, and many are wrong, which compelled me to write this. Without naming names, I’d like to adress one major blooper right off the bat made by a very famous Men’s magazine about Luminous hands and fakes: If the vintage watch you are holding has freshly glowing hands, this does not […]

Radium in Vintage Watch Dials

Youtube Video I took of me measuring a vintage Lord Elgin watch using a Civil Defense Geiger Counter In the old days, people did not appreciate the risks of radioactive material as we do today, as this crazy old TV commercial will clearly show you. This is not to say that all radioactive materials are […]

Why do Mechanical Watches Still Appeal? In a word, Longevity.

Generally speaking, the more one can subdivide the passage of time into smaller increments, the more accurate a time measurement can be. This the underlying principle behind beat count, (and why a higher beat count in a watch is generally desireable), and why quartz wins over the mechanical watch in terms of sheer beat count: […]